Teacher Employment Services

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Teacher Employment Services (TES) staff are here to help with employment-related issues and challenges. TES staff are all certificated teachers and have classroom experience.

TES staff help teachers facing

  • reprimands,
  • suspensions,
  • termination,
  • surplus notices,
  • transfers,
  • school division investigations,
  • pay issues,
  • leaves of absence,
  • grievances,
  • employment action,
  • collective agreements and
  • much more.

How can TES support you?

Teacher contracts

Contracts define teachers’ work relationships with their employer. The Education Act sets how school divisions manage teachers’ work.

    TES staff help teachers with questions about their employment contracts, including

    • assignments,
    • assignable time,
    • instructional time,
    • teacher certification,
    • resignation and
    • retirement.

    When it comes to contracts, teachers have rights. See Teachers' Rights, Responsibilities and Legal Liabilities.

    If you are facing any of the situations below, you need good advice. Call Teacher Employment Services (TES) before you talk to your employer.

    • Transfer to another school
    • Suspension from work
    • An end to a principalship


    Your privacy is important. TES staff will not provide advice over e-mail. Please contact TES by phone. All calls to TES are confidential.

    Work relationships

    Teaching is challenging work. It involves many stakeholders and various points of view. Teachers experiencing conflict may need support. TES staff help teachers manage difficult situations. See Professional Relations.


    TES staff advise and assist teachers recovering from illness and returning to work. TES staff also offer advice about medical notes, maternity leaves and accommodations and assistance with denied disability claims and other insurance matters.

    Code of Professional Conduct (Discipline)

    All teachers must abide by the Code of Professional Conduct.

    TES staff help teachers understand their duties under the Code. Complaints received about violations of the Code result in disciplinary investigations.

    Six facts about the ATA discipline process

    1. The ATA must receive a complaint in order to start the discipline process.
    2. The ATA investigates all complaints.
    3. Hearing committees have public members.
    4. Alberta Education receives the record and decision of each hearing.
    5. The ATA never defends the accused teacher. The ATA is the prosecution.
    6. The ATA discipline process protects students, the public and the teaching profession.

    For more information on the discipline process, see Professional Conduct and Competence.

    Legal questions and advice

    TES staff help teachers with legal and liability matters. Call TES if you have questions about

    • teachers’ legal rights and liabilities,
    • duty of care,
    • assault or allegations of assault,
    • student medication or
    • safety at school.

    Leaves of absence

    Teachers’ collective agreements provide for various types of leave. Review your collective agreement for details on available leaves, such as

    • sick leave,
    • maternity/parental/adoption,
    • bereavement,
    • family medical,
    • personal business days and
    • family medical/critical illness.

    TES staff offer advice on all types of leave. Get personal advice before accessing sick or maternity leave. Your situation is unique, and you will need individual advice. TES staff are here to help.

    Call TES to report any problems accessing leaves.

    Sick leave and extended disability

    Understanding sick leave and extended disability benefits (EDB) can be challenging.

    The Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan (ASEBP) covers most Alberta teachers. The Teachers’ Sick Leave and EDB Guide is a guide to ASEBP application processes.

    Other benefits companies (for example, Manulife or Canada Life) cover teachers in some school divisions. If ASEBP is not your provider, ask your school division for the latest benefits guide.

    Association dues while on leave 

    Teachers on leave have access to all Association services. The Association invoices teachers on leave twice per year. 


    Teacher Employment Services

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