Teacher evaluation

Teachers value ways to improve their practice. Teachers improve in many ways, such as professional learning and feedback from principals. 

Teachers drive their own professional learning. Principals are responsible for supervising and evaluating teachers’ work.

Supervision happens every day in many ways. Most supervision is informal and happens between peers. Principals are teachers too.

Evaluation is a formal process done by the principal.

ATA policy on professional growth, supervision and evaluation

Help with supervision and evaluation issues

Help for members

Teachers may disagree with the results of an evaluation. If so, teachers must talk to their principal first about their concerns.

Principals may have questions about how to do an evaluation.

Both teachers and principals can call Teacher Employment Services (TES) for advice.

Access more information about evaluation.

Help for school divisions and local associations

ATA staff support evaluation practices with resources and advice. For more information, contact TES.


Teacher Employment Services

780-447-9400 (Edmonton area)

1-800-232-7208 (toll free)