Political involvement

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The ATA advocates for issues of importance to teachers and students. This includes political advocacy, but the ATA itself is nonpartisan.

Teachers have varied political views. The ATA encourages teachers to advocate on issues, including as part of the political process. Teachers are not required to be nonpartisan.

Here are five ideas for getting involved:

1. Join a Political Party of Your Choice

Think about joining a political party if you want to help form policy between elections.

2. Volunteer for Your Constituency Association

Parties have constituency associations in every Alberta riding. Constituency associations recruit members. They also select candidates and run elections. Constituency associations answer to the people they represent.

3. Donate

You can donate to the party of your choice.

4. Volunteer at Election Time

Candidates running for office need volunteers to help get them elected. Working on a campaign can help give you insight into local politics and expand your personal network.

5. Participate in Your Community

Volunteering with charities, sitting on local boards and joining service organisations can all be forms of political activity, without getting involved in partisan work.

Teachers’ opinions matter. Get involved!

For more information, see Political Engagement: Take the Initiative--Individually and Collectively