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Six great reasons to get your online ATA account

Create your online ATA account, and keep your contact information up to date, so you can receive these benefits:

1. Get bargaining updates

Keep tabs on collective bargaining developments.

2. Vote on provincial collective agreements

Ratification of teachers’ provincial collective agreements (between the ATA and the Teachers’ Employer Bargaining Association) takes place exclusively online. Get your online ATA account so you can vote.

3. Vote in ATA elections

Provincial Executive Council, which conducts the business of the Association, is made up of 20 members, and 18 of those members are elected by teachers like you. PEC election voting takes place every two years and is done exclusively online.

4. Access the ATA library

The ATA library offers books, periodicals, videos, databases, and even learning materials like robots and coding games. You can also get help with your research projects. Materials are available in English and French and can be mailed to you anywhere in the province or accessed online.

Get your online ATA account and log in to the ATA library catalogue to reserve books or videos.

5. Get a no-cost ATA specialist council membership

If you’re an active member of the ATA, you can join one specialist council of your choice for free.

Our 21 specialist councils promote specialized professional expertise. These council are operated by volunteer teachers who contribute their time, talent and passion to develop materials and events to help colleagues build knowledge and skills.

6. Print your own ATA member card

With an online ATA account, you can print your own ATA member card. You will need to show your ATA member card to attend events, receive discounts or be eligible for other offers from retailers and service providers.

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