Assignable and instructional time calculators

Use these calculators to calculate your assignable and instructional time.

Traditional time calculators

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New – Simplified Assignable Time Calculator

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The new calculator works for any level (elementary through high school).
Requires Excel 2020 or newer.

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You are subject to instructional and assignable time limits if

  • your primary function is instructing students,
  • you are a lead teacher or in receipt of an allowance that is not an administrative function, or
  • you supervise another teacher (or a preservice teacher in a registered apprentice program).

Note: See the definitions of instructional time in Alberta’s Guide to Education:

You are not subject to instructional and assignable time limits if

  • you have an administrative designation without a primary function of teaching or
  • you are central office staff (for example, psychologist or director) and your primary function is not student instruction.

Are field trips and student exchanges instructional and assignable time?

  • If the field trip is part of instruction or part of a credit course, the time you spend providing instruction to students is instructional time.
  • If you are supervising another person who is providing instruction to students, this time is instructional time.
  • Any required and assigned duty during the field trip (such as travel time or a bus trip) is assignable time. For example, an evening field trip when a teacher is “on call” and supervising students is assignable time.

How to use the calculators

  • Ensure that you have Excel on your Mac or PC. Google Sheets is not supported. Get a free online version of Excel through your Microsoft account.
  • Save a copy of the applicable spreadsheet.
  • Change column widths and copy and paste information from one cell to another cell on a different sheet. This is useful for copying timetable information between days.

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