Current status

Bargaining has three phases

Graphic depicting the current stages of bargaining


In phase 1, the Association and the Teachers’ Employer Bargaining Association (TEBA) negotiate the list of central items.

In phase 2, the Association and TEBA negotiate individual central items on that list.

In phase 3, bargaining units and school divisions negotiate the local items.


What's happening now

The Association and TEBA have commenced phase 1 negotiations to determine the List of All Matters—read more in the bargaining updates.

The Association has also begun preparations for phase 2, central table matters bargaining. All members are strongly encouraged to complete the 2024 Central Matters Survey, before closing on Friday, March 1.

2020 bargaining round

The 2020 bargaining round is still concluding in a small number of bargaining units. Until all school divisions reach a memorandum of agreement, bargaining 2020 remains active. Here is some relevant information from that round of bargaining.

Collective agreements

Collective agreements for teachers employed in each of Alberta's 61 public, separate and francophone school divisions

Current agreements


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