School and district leaders

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Role of the school leader

As a school leader, your roles are many and varied. One moment you may be called upon to assist a teacher with a parent concern, the next you may need to make an administrative decision for the safe operation of the school. You are looked upon as a knowledge base and mentor for those around you, and an advocate for your school and public education. 

The Alberta Teachers’ Association is here to help you in all of these areas and more. We have resources, events, collaborative partnerships and assistance for any situation you may face.

Advice on administrative and personnel concerns

The Alberta Teachers' Association boasts a team of experienced school leaders as executive staff officers within Teacher Employment Services, many of whom have recent school leadership experience. These dedicated professionals guide school leaders through a range of procedural challenges, providing essential counsel on issues such as discipline, staff transfers and terminations, and ensuring that internal disputes among school staff are effectively resolved.

Our Association's commitment extends beyond merely addressing employment difficulties. We offer thorough and nuanced advice on the full spectrum of personnel and legal matters, empowering school leaders with the knowledge and tools to navigate any situation confidently and competently.

To access these supports, contact Teacher Employment Services at 780-447-9400 (in Edmonton), 403-265-2672 (in Calgary), or 1-800-232-7208 (toll-free from elsewhere in Alberta).


Support your new teachers and help your existing teachers pass on their skills by creating a mentorship program in your school

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Conferences, Workshops and Presentations

The Association values its school leaders and their professional development. We offer a variety of conferences, workshops and presentations in multiple formats designed to help school leaders be fully knowledgeable and effective in their leadership of frontline teachers and school employees.

Additionally, each year several organizations in Canada and the United States sponsor conferences specifically tailored to address the needs of school leaders. For further information, consult the Association’s Events Calendar.

Check out all our current and future professional development opportunities for school leaders here:

Professional development

Council for School Leadership

The Association has 21 specialist councils, which foster the professional development of teachers with common interests in different curriculum areas. 

The Council for School Leadership sponsors a range of programs and activities specific to school leaders, including the annual uLead Conference. Further information about the Council for School Leadership and how you can be involved is available from Chris Gonsalvez or Tanya Thiessen, who can be contacted by telephone (toll-free in Alberta) at 1-800-232-7208 or by e-mail at or

The ATA Library

The ATA Library holds a wealth of information for school leaders School leaders are encouraged to use the Association’s extensive professional library, which has materials in both English and French. Library staff will research topics, gather information and send library materials to members upon request. Library staff can be contacted at


The Association has produced several publications that may be of interest to school leaders. Click here for a complete listing of Association publications. For publications specific to school leaders, click here.

Preparing for Substitute Teachers in Schools

Preparing for a substitute teacher to be in your school or classroom in never easy. To help with this challenge, the Provincial Substitute Teachers Committee created a handy folder to ensure that everyone has a successful experience.

To order copies of this folder for your school, e-mail

Information for Substitute Teachers in Your School