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Change management

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What advice do you have for teachers who are facing a change in their assignment?


Connect with teachers who have taught similar classes and teachers who just finished teaching the subject(s). Embrace a new learning journey and be kind to yourself.

Adedeji Bowoade  

Give yourself grace and patience. Lean into your community.

Adrienne Biever 


Change may bring challenges, but it also paves the way for self-discovery and advancement. As we embark on unfamiliar teaching territories, let’s ask ourselves: Where can this take me? What invaluable lessons will I learn from this experience? How will this new teaching assignment contribute to my personal and professional development? 

Andrea Mishio

See it as an opportunity to innovate and re-energize. You have the skill to teach, so you can focus.

– Courtney Albrecht


Find a friend. Make a connection with a colleague who can help guide you with challenges and be kind to yourself. A good friend will point at what you are doing well that you don’t see.

– Sinead Dullaghan


Embrace it!

– Joshua Lafleur