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5 minutes!

You have five minutes before the end of the day. How do you spend that time?

Lorelei Gertz-Cummins

A talk circle where students can just talk about what’s on their minds. It’s a good way to connect on a personal level and problem solve issues that arise. It also gives students time to have a voice when they often feel unheard.


Karlee Hren

I have a few go-to activities: We have a class clean up and dance party. Our special Friday song is “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang. We also have extra share time because my kids love to share about their lives with their peers.


Joy de Nance

Action and movement songs like “The Goldfish Song” by Laurie Breckner.


Rayanna May

Shylock Fox mysteries!! My kids love trying to solve them.


Tara Kwasney 

Riddles, read aloud, or make up a silly story together. "Once upon a time there was a ____ who wanted ____ but ____.” 


Vikki Lynn

Chatting about life and my students’ interests or playing a game as a class.


Kristina Veronica

Mystery number! 

“I am thinking of the product of five and seven.” 
“I am thinking of the estimate of 424 and 219.” 
“I am thinking of the sum of 378 
and 276.” 

Squeeze in any mental math I can. 


Stephanie Lefebvre

Reading to my students. We always have a book on the go.


Reta Yvonne

Sometimes a humorous read aloud, sometimes a student reads their book to the class, sometimes we just tell jokes and laugh.


Megan Yibba

LOL time—we watch bloopers, share jokes, tell funny stories. We always end the day with a laugh.


Chelsea Ramsey

Pit and peak of the day! Everyone shares their high and low of the day.


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