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Tale End—November 21, 2023

Zees'n Zuppa—Teachers offer suggestions for seasonal comfort

Dog wearing a hoodie and sniffing a mug

Given that cold and flu season is now upon us, what is your trusted remedy or comfort when sniffles and chills strike?

I am Italian: pastina al brodo ... my nonna’s soup.
– Rosa Bianca

Bee propolis is my go to for the first hint of a sore throat. I drink plenty of warm liquids and use oil of oregano when it gets bad. There’s no substitute for lots of sleep and rest.
– Christine Gonkowicz

Salt ’n vinegar chips for a sore throat!!
– Amy Lyn MacDonald

Elderberry syrup!
– Meaghan Storey

In my house we chop up lemons and boil them. Then mix the liquid with some honey and drink up! Whenever my husband and I are feeling ill, we keep a pot of “mojo water” on the stove for sipping throughout the day and evening.
– Jennifer Eileen

Ginger extract with honey.
– Fezza Ahmad

Essential oils and many cups of hot tea.
– Shelley Comfort

When I’m tired I don’t worry about what time it is — I hit the hay. I also have a stash of tea and honey.
– Laurie Jean

Sleep … haha … it’s the only thing that truly helps.
– Jen Wrobel

Allowing the dogs up on my bed to snuggle. 
– Rishma Khakoo

– Responses gathered through social media.