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Summer Scrapbook

Canoers on Cold Lake

Teachers made new memories in Alberta and beyond this summer.

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A woman standing next to a Terry Fox Courage Highway sign
Kathleen Stevens - Sur les traces de Terry Fox près de Thunder Bay, Ontario.  
A boat near a dock on a lake at sunset
Lori Wlos - Fishing Lake, Saskatchewan at my parents’ cabin. Love these beautiful evenings!  
A building in Japan
Miya Abe - I went on a life-changing dream honeymoon to Japan.  
Two woman standing on an outlook with the Seattle skyline behind them.
Jen Bartlett - My wife and I went to Seattle to see Madonna. Alas, no Madonna, but we had a great time!  
A sleeping newborn baby
Andy Olasker - Welcoming this little guy to the world.  
A climber at the top of a mountain looking down into the valley and mountain range
Ron Zacharko - Climbing EEOR.  
A person's feet resting on a kayak in a lake with a view of the mountains ahead
Kimberly Barber - Mountain adventures!  
A woman standing in front of a sign that says Hobbiton
Coleen McNeil - Visiting Hobbiton!  
Two people standing in a cave
ustin Holladay - Caving in the Crowsnest Pass.  
An Orca breeches the water
Charla Jo Guillaume - Orcas in northern Norway. So grateful to be north of the Arctic Circle. Beautiful.  
Three women standing at the base of the Eiffel Tower
Gaganpreet Lucky - Paris, France.