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Beginning teachers to gather in Edmonton and Calgary

Photo of conference attendee

A new school year means new teachers. To support Alberta’s newest teachers, the Beginning Teachers Conference will be held in both Edmonton (September 22–23) and Calgary (October 13–14).

Each fall, teachers new to the profession gather to enhance their practice and prepare for the challenges that come in the first years of teaching. The event provides numerous opportunities for those attending to connect, not only with other beginning teachers but also with more experienced teachers, with local and provincial representatives, and with Association staff. 

“It is our hope that these connections give beginning teachers the community they need to feel supported as they continue in the coming school year and in the future,” says Nancy Luyckfassel, PD coordinator.

Both the Edmonton and Calgary iterations of the conference offer a variety of programming that will allow delegates to personalize their experience according to their own needs, interests and teaching assignments. New teachers leave with both practical tools and strategies to incorporate into their day-to-day practice, as well as an understanding of the professional association of which they are now a part.

“The conference provides delegates with an insight into what the Association is,” Luyckfassel adds, “What we do for our members and how we provide support to them throughout their career.”

Who can attend?

Registration is open to teachers in their first two years of classroom teaching and to teachers new to teaching in Alberta. 

Teachers interested in attending should consult with both their school principal and their ATA local before registering to learn more about such matters as substitute teacher coverage and reimbursement of expenses associated with attending the event. ❚

Teachers in charter, federal and private schools must be associate members of the ATA to attend. 

How can I register?

If you live in or north of Red Deer, register for the Edmonton conference at

If you live south of Red Deer, register for the Calgary conference at