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Cartoon—December 5, 2023

Teacher doing admin work while dreaming of teaching

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Ms. Lutzmann @MsLutzmann

I know this is crazy but what if we funded schools at the start of the year, not in the middle of it? Piecemeal supports mid-year do little to make up for underfunded opening months.

Alberta Teacher @Abunderhiseye

It is becoming the norm to see job postings in Alberta for classroom supervisors. My rural school has a list of 17 subs available. Five years ago we had three pages full of sub contacts.

The Pulse YYC @Thepulseyyc

There is currently an anti-LGBTQ2IS+ group in and around #Airdrie called “Grandparents on Guard” trying to get our school board to ban books from school libraries and to stop “teaching gender ideology.” This is Alberta in 2023.

Alberta Parents’ Union @ABParentsUnion

We were pleased to have an opportunity to discuss with Education Minister Demetrios Nicolaides a potential policy on name and pronoun changes in schools and a fresh opportunity we see to expand choice in education.

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