If you are a teacher employed by a public, separate or francophone school board in Alberta, you are required to be an active member of the ATA. Other teachers may join as associate members. Education students may join as student members.

Active membership

More than 35,000 full- and part-time teachers form the core of the ATA’s active membership.


Alberta’s Teaching Profession Act makes membership in the ATA automatic upon employment as a teacher in the public education system.

There are two exceptions:

  • A teacher who has been named by a board to be a superintendent or chief deputy superintendent
  • A teacher who has elected to renounce their active membership in favour of associate membership or nonmembership

Substitute teachers

If you are a substitute teacher, you become an active member as soon as you are employed during a school year. You remain an active member until the end of that school year or until you are no longer on the approved substitute roster of the school board, whichever occurs first.


As an active member, you can access all ATA services and enjoy high levels of job protection.


Fees (effective September 1, 2022)
Employed full-time $1,347 per annum
On leave of absence $96 per annum
Employed part-time 1.25% of earnings in each month
Employed as an intern 1.25% of earnings in each month
Employed as a substitute 1% of earnings in each month

Other memberships

Associate membership

Associate members have different rights and privileges than active members. Most notably, associate members are not automatically entitled to legal support and representation in employment matters or in professional regulatory matters.


  • Teachers employed by federal, charter and private schools
  • Teachers employed by other educational institutions (such as school boards)
  • Faculty members at postsecondary institutions
  • Unemployed teachers
  • Retired teachers
  • Elders, social workers and others designated by Provincial Executive Council

Associate membership eligibility

  • School board superintendents
  • Teachers employed by the Government of Alberta
  • Members of the faculties of education of Alberta universities
  • Teachers employed as faculty members in public colleges
  • Teachers engaged in teacher education in private colleges affiliated with an Alberta university
  • Teachers in private schools or kindergartens
  • Teachers in schools within the province operated by the Government of Canada
  • Teachers employed by the ATA or any of its local associations
  • Unemployed teachers
  • Teachers pursuing further studies full-time
  • Retired teachers
  • Teachers employed in community education programs operated by agencies other than school boards
  • Teachers employed by the Alberta Teachers’ Retirement Fund (ATRF) board
  • Teachers employed by charter schools
  • Elders, Knowledge Keepers and Cultural Advisors and noncertificated educators employed by First Nations school authorities
  • Nonteacher professionals employed by school boards (such as social workers, psychologists, therapists or clinicians)
  • Other people designated by Provincial Executive Council (subject to ratification by the Annual Representative Assembly)


  • Help with negotiating and enforcing the terms of a collective agreement
  • Legal assistance with employment matters
  • Consultation with ATA staff about educational issues
  • Access to professional development (teachers’ conventions, specialist council conferences and more)


$202.05 per year (effective September 1, 2022)

How to apply

Download, fill out and return an associate membership application form.

Student membership

Students in full-time undergraduate programs that lead to teacher certification in Alberta become student members of the ATA when they join their student local.

Student members receive services through their local and the provincial ATA. They cannot vote or hold office in the ATA.


  • Advice and consultation on professional matters
  • ATA presentations and seminars
  • Student Local Conference
  • ATA News, ATA Magazine and other publications (including research publications)
  • ATA library access (materials, reference services and online periodical databases)
  • Free membership in all specialist councils
  • Preferred rates at local retailers, recreation centres and Telus World of Science
  • Opportunities to develop leadership skills


To join a student local, you must become a member of your postsecondary institution’s Education Students’ Association (ESA) or Education Undergraduate Society (EUS), which will forward $1 of your membership fee to the ATA. This automatically makes you a student member of the ATA.

Learn more about joining a student local 

How to get an online ATA student membership

Life membership

Teachers who retire after 20 or more years of ATA membership are awarded life membership.

Life membership celebrates their long commitment to teaching and helps them maintain contact with the profession through free access to publications such as the ATA News and the ATA Magazine.

Life members are not entitled to vote or to hold office in the ATA. If they wish to participate in these activities, they must become associate members.