Annual Representative Assembly

The Annual Representative Assembly (ARA) is often referred to as the “parliament” of the Association. It is made up of about 425 delegates from locals and the 20 members of the Association’s executive body, the Provincial Executive Council.

ARA establishes policy, approves the Association’s budget and sets fees for the various categories of membership. Held annually on the May long weekend, ARA alternates between Calgary and Edmonton.

Submitting Resolutions for Debate

Locals may submit resolutions for debate at ARA by filling out the Local Associations Resolutions Declaration form. 

Specialist councils may submit resolutions for debate at ARA by filling out the Specialist Council Resolutions Declaration form.

Deadline for submission: December 15 of each year.

A declaration form must be submitted with each batch of resolutions certifying that the resolutions were approved by a majority of members at a duly called meeting of the local or specialist council.

The resolutions that are approved for debate at ARA are printed in the Resolutions Bulletin, which is published at least one month before ARA in an issue of the ATA News.


Annual Representative Assembly Resolutions

Resolutions passed at each ARA become the policy of the Association. Policy documents are available in English and French.

2024 ARA outcomes

The 2024 Annual Representative Assembly considered 225 resolutions

See the PDF