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Your Views—August 29, 2023

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On sage advice to first year teachers

Khrysty DeVos
Look after yourself. You cannot do it all.

Melissa Joy
I always tell my students “tomorrow is a new day,” especially when today was a bad day. They know that means a fresh start. They understand there are consequences for their actions, but also that what happened today will not be held against them. When I had bad days, my kids would remind me that tomorrow is a new day. Giving each other, and yourself, grace is so important.

Missy Noël
One really important thing to do is to find a buddy. Someone who knows the passwords, the trick for the photocopier, where the poster paper is stored, how to get into the gym equipment room, and an open door when you need a shoulder to cry on.

Maj-Britt Bigotti
Don’t put your lesson plans or textbook on a student’s desk, especially on the first day. Some students are so nervous they will throw up on their desk. Thirty-four years later and I still remember the student’s name and the look on his face.

On Summer Conference opening speaker, Tareq Hadhad

Heather Quinn
As Canadians we often take our choices for granted. We sometimes forget that others look to Canada as a safe place to come for themselves and family, fleeing hardship, war, etc. Tareq’s story is truly inspiring!

Carmen Glossop
Thank you SO much for sharing your story with us. Friends, check out his movie “Peace by Chocolate.” It is his story, a very moving story. His family actually does make great chocolate.


On Barbie and Taylor

Kelly Aleman
The insanely successful Barbie movie and Taylor Swift tour spell disaster for the establishment that would want women to stay quiet and well behaved. They will vote for progressive policies that empower women. Hallelujah.