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What is SOGI 123?


SOGI 1 2 3 is an initiative that helps educators make schools safe and inclusive for students of all sexual orientations and gender identities (SOGI).

For over five years in Alberta and British Columbia, SOGI 1 2 3 has helped build the capacity of educators to make schools inclusive and safe for students of all sexual orientations and gender identities (SOGI) by providing resources and tools, by and for educators, to integrate into the classroom and school environment.

Schools have a responsibility to proactively create safe, inclusive learning environments for all students. SOGI is one of many topics about diversity discussed in schools, similar to race, ethnicity, religion and ability.

SOGI-inclusive education simply means speaking about SOGI in a way that ensures every student feels like they belong. There is no "SOGI curriculum." SOGI is a topic that can be addressed throughout many subjects and school activities.

The SOGI 1 2 3 website shares SOGI-inclusive tools and resources that have been created by educators for educators. The resources focus on three key areas.

  1. Policies and procedures

    Policies and procedures that explicitly reference SOGI have been proven to reduce discrimination, suicidal ideation and suicide attempts for all students.

  2. Inclusive environments

    Inclusive learning environments—including SOGI-inclusive signage, word choices and extra-curricular opportunities—create a positive and welcoming space for all students.

  3. Teaching resources

    Lesson plans that teach diversity and respect and include examples of SOGI topics and 2SLGBTQ+ community members reflect the SOGI diversity in students' lives and society. 

SOGI 1 2 3 provides ready to use, age appropriate SOGI-inclusive resources that align with the provincial curriculum. Teachers can customize SOGI 1 2 3 resources to meet the needs of their classroom.

Inclusive learning involves every part of the education system: SOGI 1 2 3 supports educators in building inclusive classrooms as all students deserve to feel welcome, safe and included.

SOGI 1 2 3 was created by ARC Foundation, established in 2007, whose vision is a world where children and youth live authentic lives, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity (SOGI), and its mission is to build awareness, respect and capacity through education.

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