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UCP leader must denounce misinformation

ATA President Jason Schilling in a suit in front of a blue curtain

“These falsehoods are rooted in ignorance, intolerance and hatred, and serve only to undermine confidence in public education while stigmatizing LGBTQ2S+ Albertans.”

Earlier today, ATA president Jason Schilling sent a letter to UCP leader Danielle Smith urging her to denounce, in no uncertain terms, the misleading statements made by Lacombe–Ponoka candidate Jennifer Johnson last fall. Fabrications, like these, are part of a very troubling campaign of misinformation that cannot be tolerated.

Read Jason’s letter

Late today, Johnson has issued an apology, but as was the case with previous candidate Torry Tanner, the apology fails to acknowledge that her accusations are false. “I apologize for the way I discussed these issues in September of 2022,” the Johnson apology reads (emphasis added).

“I still believe that a clear, unambiguous retraction is needed,” says Schilling. “Hateful and harmful misinformation like this must be attacked. The allegations are deeply offensive and simply untrue. The UCP leader needs to weigh in and disavow the statements that were made.”