ATA News

Tale End—May 28, 2024

With utmost courtesy

A longstanding tradition at the Annual Representative Assembly (ARA), courtesy motions are brief departures from normal business that are most often employed to recognize long-serving teacher delegates who are stepping down from executive roles or retiring from teaching.

Ron Zacharko
Ron Zacharko is stepping down as president of Edmonton Catholic Teachers Local No. 54. Presenting the gift bag is local vice-president Kimberley Clarke.  
Shannon Dube
Shannon Dube (centre) is stepping down as president of Fort McMurray Local No. 48 after seven years. Also pictured are fellow local members Nadine Armbruster (left) and Kathy Vladicka.  
Wayne Lavold
Wayne Lavold accepts congratulations from Heather Quinn, president of Edmonton Public Local No. 37. Lavold has retired after 28 years in the classroom. ARA 2024 was his 18th.  
Natalie Townsend
Natalie Townsend (second from left) retired from teaching last year and is now stepping down as president of Palliser Local No. 19. Townsend taught for 27 years and was local president for seven.  
John Murphy
ARA 2024 was the last for John Murphy, who has stepped down from the executive of Elk Island Local No. 38 after serving in several roles for more than 15 years.