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Tale End—February 6, 2024

Authentic learning moments artificially captured

Two robots at a table, painting on a canvas. The robots are white with blue eyes. The robot on the left is looking at the robot on the right, trying to copy its style.

The Assignment:

Use artificial intelligence to create an image depicting a moment of joy you experienced as a teacher.


I used Bing to search for“Happy construction teacher with students.” Thumbs up to bandsaw safety!

– Dennis Pratt, Kate Chegwin School, Edmonton


I used AI Perfect Assistant to take this picture. Happy students, happy teachers.

– Huma Kashif, Roland Michener Secondary School, Slave Lake


Working with a student who wrote their first sentence independently. I love that the kiddo can work with two pencils at the same time.

– Annemarie Simpson, St. Catherine School, Edmonton


The prompt I used was “loose parts natural items in play with young students.”

– Adrienne Peoples-Sprecker, École Plamondon School, Plamondon


Students enjoying victory from an escape room challenge. We do a lot of escape rooms in my class and they’re always so excited to actually escape.

– Cherra-Lynne Olthof, Westglen School, Didsbury


Grade 2 Science. Making homemade ice cream in a bag.

– Amber Lyons, Vera M. Welsh School, Lac La Biche