News Release

Take a Stand for Public Education

ATA president Jason Schilling’s message to members about our Take a Stand for Education action plan

Alberta Teachers’ Association President Jason Schilling and Brandi Rai, Alberta School Councils’ Association president, have issued the following statement in recognition of a new school year and the two Associations’ continued stand for public education.

In the months ahead, the Alberta Teachers' Association will work with classroom teachers, parents, grandparents, allied organizations and interested community members to define and bring forward a vision for a strong and supportive public education system in Alberta, one which will allow all students to reach their full potential.

Launching on September 6, the Stand for Public Education campaign is designed to ensure that Albertans continue to benefit from a world-class public education system that will prepare our next generation to prosper, even in the face of the social, political, climate and economic challenges facing our province and the world.

 After years of disruption and misdirection, Alberta needs a coherent, far-reaching plan for education that includes a collaborative process for developing and implementing curriculum, improved inclusion and support for students with special learning needs, and classroom conditions that are conducive to meaningful learning.

With the provincial election mere months away, we need to show all parties and candidates that public education is one of the most important investments we can make in the future of our children and this province. We need to advance the voices of the families and communities served by the public, separate and francophone schools that 95 percent of Alberta's K–12 students attend every school day. We need to ensure that the professional voices of teachers are heard and respected.

The Alberta Teachers’ Association, in partnership with the Alberta School Councils’ Association (ASCA), will kick off the campaign with a major rally for public education at the Alberta Legislature on Saturday afternoon, October 22.

We are calling on all concerned citizens to join us at the rally at 1pm on October 22nd and to sign on to the Stand for Public Education campaign.

Let us stand together and ensure that all students in Alberta have access to an exceptional public education system.

Thank you,

Jason Schilling, president
Alberta Teachers’ Association

Brandi Rai, president
Alberta School Councils' Association