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Still from a video testimonial made by a women with brown hair

The Alberta Teachers’ Association is inviting teachers to shine a spotlight on the realities of class size and complexity through a short video testimonial. 

The campaign provides a digital platform for teachers to share their perspectives directly with the public. By collecting and sharing these testimonials, the Association hopes to raise awareness about the critical issues impacting classroom environments and advocate for much-needed reform.

The video testimonial initiative is part of the ATA’s latest public relations campaign, Stop the Excuses, which seeks to highlight the challenges that educators and their students face as class size and composition remains key issues for education in the province. 

Teachers continue to report increasing class sizes despite limited government data on classroom conditions, as the province stopped tracking class sizes in 2019. With Alberta ranking lowest in per-student public education spending across Canada, concerns about overcrowded classrooms and dwindling resources have become increasingly prevalent, said ATA president Jason Schilling.

“We believe that by amplifying the voices of Alberta teachers, we can bring attention to the urgent need for improved classroom conditions,” Schilling said. “This campaign is about fostering transparency and ensuring that the public understands the challenges our teachers and students face.”

Teachers can participate by recording and submitting their video testimonials or use the following QR code. ❚