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June is Pride month

ATA offers resources in support of sexual and gender minority students and teachers

Pride Month is observed in Canada each June, with Pride events and celebrations carrying into the summer months. The festivities serve as a reminder of the importance of creating inclusive and safe spaces for our students — and our colleagues.

To celebrate Pride and to promote safe spaces throughout the year, locals, subgroups and individual members can order Safe Space posters (bilingual), pronoun stickers and Pride materials.

The ATA also provides learning materials and workshops on fostering safe learning and working spaces for sexual and gender minorities.

Guides and resources

  • Breaking the Silence: A Guide for Sexual and Gender Minority Teachers in Alberta
  • GSAs and QSAs in Alberta Schools: A Guide for Teachers
  • Establishing a Local Diversity, Equity and Human Rights Committee
  • PRISM: Toolkit for Safe and Caring Discussions About Sexual and Gender Minorities            

All available online.


PRISM — Professionals Respecting Individual Sexual and Gender Minorities 

For information on booking this workshop, contact

Further, teachers and school leaders who are part of a sexual and gender diverse community — or who are allies of this community — can also connect with colleagues through their local gay–straight alliances (GSAs), where available, or through the provincial ATAGSA. These groups aim to create a safe and welcoming space for members to build relationships, share their experiences and deepen their knowledge.

More information on supports offered by the ATA is available by emailing ❚