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ATA names new TES co-ordinator

The next co-ordinator of the ATA’s Teacher Employment Services (TES) program area will be Sean Brown, a long-time staff officer, PEC member and volunteer.

Brown has served as an ATA staff member since 2015, when he was named staff officer in Teacher Employment Services (previously called Teacher Welfare). In 2020 he took on the role of associate co-ordinator, collective bargaining, which saw him act as the joint spokesperson and chief negotiator for the Central Table Bargaining Committee.

With central table bargaining currently underway, Brown will remain as the staff lead in that process until the end of the current round while also transitioning into TES co-ordinator responsibilities.

“Accepting the role of co-ordinator is an honour and a privilege,” Brown said. “I’m thrilled to embark on this new chapter, dedicated to offering leadership within the Association. It’s a source of immense pride to continue supporting and serving Alberta teachers.”

Before joining the Association, Brown served two years on Provincial Executive Council as district representative for the Edmonton district. During a 22-year teaching career, split between the Catholic systems in Grande Prairie and St. Albert, Brown taught elementary and junior high grades 2 to 9 and served five years as a vice-principal.

Throughout his career, he’s been involved in the ATA in various capacities, including as local president, local vice-president and chair of the local Teacher Welfare Committee and Negotiating Subcommittee.
Replacing the retiring Keith Hadden, Brown officially assumed his new role April 1. ❚

Sean Brown
Sean Brown, new TES co-ordinator