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ATA named a top employer for 2024

A blue sky background free of clouds. In the foreground is a white building with columns of blue windows. The canadian flag flies from the top of the building. The ATA logo and the text "Alberta Teachers' Association" are also on the front facade.

The Alberta Teachers’ Association has been named among Alberta’s top-80 employers for 2024.

Alberta’s Top Employers competition, coordinated by Canada’s Top 100 Employers, evaluates entries based on criteria such as work atmosphere, training and development policies, employee engagement and community involvement.

Dennis Theobald, the Association’s executive secretary, says the award recognizes the contribution of staff as much as it does the Association’s leadership in creating a supportive workplace that is focused on improving service to members.

“Our staff are driven by a deep commitment to public education and to the teachers of Alberta. Those teachers expect us, as an employer, to treat our staff well, not just to show appreciation for their efforts but to serve as a model for how Alberta’s teachers should be treated,” Theobald said.

Canada’s Top Employers uses a scoring system across eight categories:

  1. Workplace
  2. Work atmosphere and social
  3. Health, financial and family benefits
  4. Vacation and time off
  5. Employee communications
  6. Performance management
  7. Training and skills development
  8. Community involvement

The program acknowledged the ATA for its generous benefits program, defined-benefit pension plan and internal staff committees that champion a healthy workplace through social events and wellness initiatives.

It’s the third consecutive year that the ATA has been named to the list.

“That we have been able to maintain our status as a top employer is a tribute to the quality and consistency of our elected governors as well as supervisors and colleagues throughout the organization,” Theobald said. “This recognition will help the Association to continue to attract highly qualified staff in an increasingly competitive labour environment.”