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ATA launches advertising campaign

Male student in brown hoodie speaking to the camera

Stop the Excuses

The ATA has launched a new advertising campaign to help raise awareness about the state of funding and the impacts it is having on classrooms.

“We think that it is critically important that all Albertans understand what has happened in Alberta schools,” said ATA president Jason Schilling. “We want every Albertan to clearly know and understand that despite having the richest economy in the country, we have the poorest funded public education system.”

“There is no excusing this. Alberta students deserve better.”

The television, online video, print, billboard and radio campaign informs Albertans about the bottom ranking for funding and outlines some of the impacts of that funding, including class size increases, eroding supports and issues with teacher retention. 

Three video ads are told through the perspectives of students, teachers and parents. The tagline for the campaign is “Stop the Excuses.” ❚