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ATA and AMA unveil new partnership

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ATA, meet AMA. A new partnership between the ATA and the Alberta Motor Association (AMA) launched on March 1 will enable ATA members to access special offers and services through the AMA.

Last year, the AMA reached out to the ATA about the possibility of entering an exclusive arrangement to provide travel services to teachers. An agreement was reached that sees the AMA providing exclusive supports and products for Alberta’s teachers and sponsoring events hosted by the ATA.

Robert Mazzotta, ATA associate executive secretary, says that the partnership will benefit ATA members.

“There is no cost to the Association or its members for this partnership,” Mazzotta says, “We see this as win-win.”

Formed in 1926, the AMA is a non-profit membership organization that offers roadside assistance, auto touring, leisure travel and insurance services through 17 service centres around the province. 

The AMA’s offerings for ATA members include an exclusive ATA white label online booking engine for flights and car rentals, vacation packages and attractions. ATA members also gain access to an exclusive travel insurance website to purchase insurance related to trip cancellation or interruption, travel medical insurance and more. Exclusive hotel rates and a new-to-AMA membership offer are also available.

Though the partnership between the AMA and the ATA is new, it’s a natural fit, as the AMA has been working with teachers extensively over the years through its school safety patrol program, its new School Garden Studio program and driver education, said chief operating officer Joel Ruff.

“We’ve been working closely with teachers in Alberta for over 86 years ... we work with individual teachers and educational groups every day,” Ruff said.

Lauding the efforts of the province’s teaching professionals, Ruff shares his hope that the partnership will allow teachers to make the most of their time out of the classroom.

“We see all that you do for Alberta’s youth, and this partnership is our way of showing our appreciation for you and all that you do. Teachers deserve a break, and we want to help you enjoy yours confidently.” ❚

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