Substitute Teachers' Appreciation Week

Children gathered around a table listening to their teacher.

Substitute teachers have the same responsibilities as regular teachers, but are at a disadvantage by not working with students on a long-term basis but still needing to ensure a productive day.

For Substitute Teachers' Appreciation Week, the ATA encourages schools, ATA locals and jurisdictions to show appreciation for subs. Show them they are valued with some activities.

  • Share their strengths and the contributions they've made.

  • Prepare a substitute teacher handbook to assist with need to know information at your school and in classrooms. (Information for Substitute Teachers in Your School)

  • Share a lesson or activity;

  • Organize an orientation seminar in partnership with the ATA local.

  • Invite substitute teachers into the staff room.

  • Provide access to ongoing PD activities.

  • Plan a special PD event for substitute teachers.

  • Use PD funds to sponsor substitute teachers' attendance at the annual Substitute Teachers’ Conference.

  • Recognize substitute teachers' value via small gestures and words of gratitude.

During Substitute Teachers’ Appreciation Week, say thank you for all substitute teachers do at your school.