Preliminary course and seminar information

ATA Summer Conference

Summer Conference provides programs that support Association leadership development and training for members who are actively involved or are interested in becoming involved in the work of the Association.  

Local association programs 

Local associations may send representatives to attend the following programs. Representatives must (1) be an Association member, (2) obtain sponsorship from their local and (3) meet eligibility requirements. Contact your local for eligibility requirements. Course and seminar entitlements vary by local. 

Advanced Collective Bargaining Course 

Develop skills needed to negotiate on teachers’ behalf 

Participants will add additional skills and further develop those introduced in the Introduction to Collective Bargaining course. Participants will explore a more refined model of negotiation theory, data analysis, preparation of collective agreement language and costing procedures. The course will include a bargaining simulation to practice these new skills.  

Bargaining unit members who, in previous years, have attended the Introduction to Collective Bargaining Course or already have experience at the negotiating table 

Introduction to Collective Bargaining Course 

Help advance teachers’ economic and social welfare 

This course will cover big-picture topics such as working conditions and the duty of fair representation. Participants will explore the dynamic world of collective bargaining, including an introduction to negotiation theory and a review of basic negotiation practices. Participants will review collective agreement provisions and participate in an introductory bargaining simulation.  

Members who have little or no previous experience with local bargaining 

Local Political Engagement Officers’ Seminar 

Improve your local’s political engagement efforts 

This seminar offers leadership development to enhance the effectiveness of their local’s political engagement efforts. Participants will examine the current political landscape opportunities for teachers through political engagement and political advocacy. 

Local political engagement officers 

Local Presidents’ Seminar 

Identify local issues and initiatives 

Local presidents will examine current Association issues, share information about local initiatives and meet with Provincial Executive Council. 

Local presidents or designate 

Professional Development (PD) Course 

Provide professional development leadership 

This course is designed to assist PD chairs and/or PD committee members to meet the current professional development needs of their local members. Participants will gain an understanding of their roles and responsibilities and enhance their own leadership. 

PD chairs and PD committee members 

School Representatives’ Course 

Effectively represent your colleagues through clear and consistent communication 

School representatives play a key role in being the face of the Association in the school. Participants will gain an understanding of their roles and responsibilities within the provincial association. 

School Representatives 

Women In K–12 Educational Leadership Seminar  

Enhance the leadership skills of those involved in the Women in Leadership committees 

This course will draw from the research and organizational exemplars to examine mechanisms that local Women in Leadership (WIL) committees can utilize to grow networks of support for women teachers and school leaders. Participants will connect with each other to share strategies for supporting the leadership potential of women in the profession.   

Members of local WIL committees and provincial WIL field members  

Specialist council and convention association programs 

Specialist councils and convention associations may send two representatives to attend these programs. Representatives must (1) be Association members, (2) obtain sponsorship from their specialist council or convention association and (3) meet eligibility requirements. 

Convention Seminar 

Learn about Association convention requirements 

This seminar provides convention association personnel with an opportunity to develop leadership skills, share ideas and develop strategies to address issues that can arise in organizing teachers' conventions. 

New members of the convention executive and members new to their role on the executive 

Specialist Council Seminar 

Plan and lead effective professional development for members 

This seminar focuses on providing specialist council executives with skills and insights that will allow them to better meet the professional growth needs of their members. Participants will engage in a series of collaborative and interactive activities concerning vision setting and strategic planning, governance and operations, member engagement and recruitment, online and print communications, and professional development event planning.  

Two representatives per council, preferably new presidents, presidents-elect and/or vice-presidents 

Association corps programs (by invitation only) 

Association corps programs are open only to Association members designated as Indigenous education professional development facilitators and professional development facilitators. These programs form part of the ongoing training for Association corps members. 

Indigenous Education Facilitators’ Seminar 

Professional Development Facilitators’ Seminar  


Details and registration information will be forwarded to local associations, specialist councils, convention associations and designated Association corps members in early May. Information on registration will also be posted to the ATA website at that time.