Self-assessment of learning needs

Professional growth plans must reflect the teacher’s self-assessed learning needs. Source: Alberta Education Policy 2.1.5 (Teacher Growth, Supervision and Evaluation)

Teachers develop their professional practice throughout their entire career, so self-assessment should be built into professional growth.

How to assess your learning needs

A comprehensive digital, interactive Self-Reflection on My Professional Practice Tool is available to assist teachers and school leaders in reflecting on the knowledge, skills and attributes of their professional practice as related to the Teaching Quality Standard and/or the Leadership Quality Standard. Results of the self-reflection appears in bar graph summary format, which ultimately leads to a self-assessment of one’s learning needs. An online User Guide with frequently asked questions is available to support users and to answer commonly asked questions.  

The Self-Reflection on My Professional Practice Tool  is a bilingual interactive survey tool that will help teachers and school leaders reflect on the knowledge, skills and attributes of your professional practice. After you fill out each section, you will get personal results with your strengths and some considerations for growth plan goals. You will also get resources to support the implementation of the competency indicators found in the standards.

Refer to the User Guide for help with the tool.

Self-Reflection on My Professional Practice Tool

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